MICM Wins Major Energy Award


Energy AwardA 270-apartment MICM Property building in Port Melbourne was recently given a prestigious energy award by CarbonetiX, one of the state’s leading carbon management and energy efficiency consultancies.

The building was running up electricity bills of up to $12,000 a month, which through a concerted effort between MICM Property and the body corporate, has been cut by 50 per cent. For such a large building, this is not only a win for the environment, but will save owner/occupiers thousands in body corporate fees over the years.

“It’s quite unusual for an owners corporation to value-add their service to their buildings through energy initiatives,” says Manager, MICM Owners Corporation Dorothy LeClaire. “With our broad network of partners across local and state governments, community groups and businesses, we’re well positioned to be up-to-date with industry, and the products that can help us to behave more sustainably.”

LED lighting upgrades were implemented throughout the building, as well as other lights cut and the installation of an automatic pool cover. The pool is now tied to the security system so it won’t turn on until someone enters the grounds, a substantial saving from the 3 per cent of total energy it used in the past. Stairwells lit 24 hours a day now have 15-minute push buttons, and after an energy audit the timing on carpark fans and ventilators has been reconfigured to be more efficient.

Through the awarding of the 2011 Managed Property Energy Efficiency Award, CarbonetiX acknowledges that these improvements reduced running costs substantially, and have ultimately resulted in avoiding 92 tonnes of carbon pollution every year.

Dorothy observes that the process has been quite hands-on and collaborative. “One of the greatest challenges for owners corporation managers is in gathering the support of the building managers, contractors and assorted stakeholders that make up the community of people invested in a building”, she says. “It’s no small task, so it’s very encouraging to be awarded in this way.”

As Australian energy bills are increasing by up to 8% this year, it’s a real boost to see owners corporations like MICM Property helping absorb these costs through promoting energy-saving initiatives. This recent award shows that ongoing efforts, combined with a proactive, collaborative approach can pay off for residents, owners and the environment.