Tenant Expectations on the Rise

Tenant Expectations on the Rise

Gone are the days when renters would be satisfied with a quick ‘once-over’ of your property followed by a long approval process. Times are changing fast, and with the desire to attract excellent tenants comes the need to provide a professional service to meet their increased expectations.

Convenience and service are the new selling points for informed property managers and landlords. With people working longer hours, with busy lives and families, it’s no longer convenient for prospective tenants to come by during normal office hours to pick up the key, view a property, return the key to the office, fill in an application form then wait for a response.

MICM Property’s Leasing Department has a more flexible approach aimed at meeting tenants’ service expectations. Tenants are now wanting to view apartments seven days a week – including the evenings, after work or on their lunch break. A longer viewing time would allow for more time to consider whether the property is suitable for their needs (which can range from testing the hot water system to inquiring about the body corporate). Many tenants are also requesting to be accompanied by an agent to show them through the apartment, car parking arrangements and other facilities, which would also answer many questions.

Once the application has been submitted, an instant assessment of the application and a quick answer to their inquiry is now expected. With many applications now processed online, it should be a straightforward process to approve a suitable tenant. The property manager is also expected to assist with the process of moving in; a simple process with many businesses available to help set up utilities, Internet and with moving arrangements.

The extra work put in by MICM Property at this stage helps towards ensuring a good “fit” when matching tenants with properties. The benefits are likely to be a good, longer term tenant who will take care of your property. By being adaptable to the changing needs and expectations of renters, this could ensure a sound, reliable return for property investors.